FacilitiesAt Bravo Pharmacy, we understand that the issues facilities like yours face on a day to day basis are more demanding than ever before. We have developed customized programs to meet the needs of facilities like adult day care centers, hospice centers, assisted living facilities and community health centers. We are dedicated to providing innovative solutions to existing issues to not only enhance the quality of care that is provided, but to increase operating efficiency and improve the effectiveness of care.

One of these programs is our Medication Therapy Management program, which is a comprehensive review of ongoing care and existing medications for patients. We review current prescription medications, and ensure that there are no potential interaction issues. The program is constantly monitored and reviewed, as new information is available, to make sure the patient is safely taking their required prescription and OTC medications. Bravo Pharmacy will also provide personalized storage and use instruction for each specific medication.

Bravo Pharmacy has partnered with all of the major insurance providers to make sure customers have access to all of the medications that they need. We will also review the available Medicare Part D coverages with those who qualify.

We offer a free delivery service for facilities like yours to ensure that your patients have the medications and products they need when they need them.

In addition, we dispense specialized medications for:

  • HIV and Infectious diseases
  • Injectable drugs
  • Medicines that have special delivery or storage and handling requirements

In addition, Bravo Pharmacy offers a wide variety of prescription packaging systems. One of these packaging systems, Dispill, may be customized to meet the specific needs of your facility.

Dispill is a cold-sealed multi-dose packaging system. It was created to manage and simplify your prescription medication schedule. Each Dispill pack will contain 28 individual blister pack, and they are labeled with a client’s prescription medications for a specific time and date. These easy to remove blister packs can also be color coded to coincide with your patient’s medication schedule, to avoid any confusion.

Dispill can also be used for individuals at home who may need a little assistance with organizing their medication. Please inquire with our pharmacists and determine if the Dispill packaging system is right for you.

We are dedicated to meeting and exceeding your expectations. Please give us a call at 617-553-2501 or stop in to our Jamaica Plain location today to discuss what we can do for you and your participants.

Dispill packaging system
Each Dispill blister can be removed from the packaging to easily accommodate leave of absences from the facility.